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So you cut Arianne Martell, the woman whose storyline was about preserving her birthright. You decided to rob her of that by aging up her younger brother and making him the heir. You’re not even trying to disguise your misogyny, are you, D&D?

Not even the patting yourselves in the back that are Daenerys’s badass one liners can save you now.

You literally have to be shitting me.  Not only is she a POV character (which Trystane is not thus far), but Dorne is the only one of the seven kingdoms that recognizes the eldest child as heir regardless of gender.  That is one of the things that is cool about Dorne.  Show’s response?  “Nah, fuck that.  Only boys matter.”

This is literally so gross, and I should have seen it coming but I still kind of can’t believe that they would be so obvious about it

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