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Anonymous asked: How can you call what you posted on Twitter yesterday a "quickie" (Natasha Romanoff art)? NOT a quickie! Nope.


Hi anon :)

I’m sorry but it is a “quickie”


You can’t see it because maybe you are not very familiar with PS but the art above was done very fast. I used big brush strokes and textures to “hide” the lack of details and the irregular line work even if “hiding” isn’t the right word because I’m not trying to hide anything. It’s the kind of artworks I do as a warm up or when I am bored. This one took 45 minutes so yes, it is quickie, like all the “quickies” I post on Twitter. :)

Believe me, I’m sure that my artist friends know what I am talking about :3

Have a great day anon ^^

PS: Yes, it’s a quickie. Yes, yes, yes ^o^

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mind control is literally the saddest trope 

i mean how fucking awful is it to see someone trying to kill their best friends or lovers or family because some fuckers has got into their head and fucked it up. to see characters yell at someone they love to remember and fight it and you’re stronger than this. to see the aftermath where these characters has to face the fact that they almost killed or did kill someone they care about more than themselves

mind control is fucked up

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I am so mad that my instinctive reaction to the fact that I have no fucking idea from whence the “I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now” meme actually originated is “I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now”.

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#the way Eriks face just drops though


#so erik grew up his entire life #thinking he was a freak and a monster #and no one could possibly care for nor understand nor love him #and charles comes into his life #and changes all of that #and gives him hope and shows him serenity and offers him love #and at the end of all that#even after he initially betrays charles #erik believes he’s doing the right thing #the /good/ thing #until this moment#when he hurts charles #with more than a punch or a betrayal #he’s sent to his knees screaming in agony #and erik realises #that although he thinks his path is the right one#he’s not a good person and he knows that #he’s /still/ a monster #because he wasn’t thinking charles is hurt and he’s /still a monster/ #he always was #always will be (via thedetectivedoesntdance)

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Urban legend states that if you say supernatural 3 times the fandom will appear with a totally relevant gif.

Let’s try.


S u p e r n a t u r a l


every time i’ve seen this it’s been a different supernatural gif and i cant say i’m disappointed 

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